Robust 30


Robust 30 is a modern-day fitness studio based in Hyderabad. It is a 30-minute full body HIIT circuit workout across 12 stations. Robust 30 specialises in Kickboxing and Crossfit based training along with functional workouts with body weight and free weights.

What we did

We came up with a rebranding solution for the brand which represents the nature of its target archetypes so they feel at home with the brand experience. We were responsible for coming up with the brand identity, social media and marketing collaterals.

Social Media

Our approach for social media was bold and bright. The design language was crafted around the idea of disrupting the feed and quickly grasping user's attention to highlight the brand.

Marketing Collaterals

We worked on a range of collaterals for the brand like hoardings, flexes, pamphlets, t-shirt designs, wall creatives etc. which include creative designs and copy work.